Letter to my Daughter – June 2013

While we were in CO this month you caught your first fish!  You also really wanted to pet a horse, so the first day in Estes Park we drove around to find a horse stable so you could pet one.  You still don’t want to ride yet, but you enjoy talking with them up close for now.

You really wanted to go to the petting zoo in Ft Collins one day so we drove all the way into town only to find out it was closed. 😦  We got to pet a cow though.  He was hanging out just by the gate to the zoo. We settled for the nearby park and lunch at Chuck E Cheeses.

You were really excited to see Cinderella at the wedding (AKA the Bride).  And you got to dress up in a frilly, pink dress 🙂

The weather was chilly and windy most of the days we were there, but we still got to see lots of fun stuff and drive up into the Park each day.  We watched Elk, Deer and Big Horned Sheep.  You were really excited to see the snow in the mountains – even though we had just come off of a really long snowy winter in ND.  When we got up high enough you could walk in it.  Even though it was the beginning of June, the walls of snow beside the road were still 15-20 feet high at the higher altitudes.

We drove there with your grandparents and had fun along the way. Stopping in Spearfish for the night to relax and swim, stopping at the little towns for snacks and watching new movies on your DVD player 🙂

“There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million”.

~Walt Streightiff




I am excited to be a part of “letters to our children” blog circle with other photographers and moms. We write monthly letters in honor of our children and hope you enjoy reading them with us. Please head over to my friend, Tara Shaia‘s blog for her monthly letter to her son.

2 thoughts on “Letter to my Daughter – June 2013

  1. Love this Nicole! It brings back so many memories as I grew up in NE Colorado and am going back in a few days. Love all of the scenery shots and the one one deck with the flowers is amazing!

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