Letters to Our Daughters – February 2013

Dear Daughter,

This month has been a rough one.  Illnesses have plagued our household for nearly the whole month.  You were hit hard with strep throat twice.  But the upside to that was you got to spend some quality time with mommy while you were at home recovering.

You are getting so independent.  While you’ve been home sick, you get your own water, your own snacks, turn on the TV and even help your brother.  Yesterday, I promised you we could go out for lunch together.  You quietly slipped into your room and got dressed on your own.  You had picked a green shirt, blue and pink flowered skirt and bright pink sweatpants.  A colorful outfit for a colorful little girl 🙂

Your favorite shows this month are Fresh Beat Band and Sofia the First. 🙂

“Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can do”.

~John Wooden



“Sick Day”


I am excited to be a part of “letters to our children” blog circle with other photographers and moms. We write monthly letters in honor of our children and hope you enjoy reading them with us. Please head over to my friend, Jacqueline Mix‘s blog for her monthly letter to her son:  http://wp.me/p1OlNI-4h

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